Is my kid's Apple Watch compatible with Bark?

Can you monitor an Apple Watch with Bark?

While Bark doesn't monitor the Apple Watch directly, Bark monitors texts, photos, videos, and more on iPhones that can appear on Apple watches (learn more).

Can you block apps and sites on an Apple Watch through Bark?

When you connect a Bark Home device to your router, you can block apps and sites on any device connected to your home Wi-Fi, including Apple Watches. Apps and sites will not be blocked on the watch when it is not connected to the Wi-Fi. 

Can you pair an Apple Watch to a Bark Phone?

Apple purposefully designs their watches so they can only pair with iPhones — a Bark Phone won’t work.

While you can find online videos of folks going through a lot of hoops to get some functionality from their Apple Watch on an Android phone, we haven't found a solution that works well. Send them feedback to let them know this should be changed.

Can you pair other smartwatches to a Bark Phone?

Yes! Learn more.