Set daily time limits for apps on the Bark Phone

Set a daily time limit

App time limits allow you to set a total amount of time your kid can spend on apps and sites each day, ensuring they don't spend too much time online.

To manage your child's time limits from your dashboard, tap the Screen Time tile and then scroll down to Time Limits.

Things to note:

  • Limits apply during all routines.
  • Limits reset at 3:30am.
  • Verify your time zone so there's no confusion.
  • Limits can be temporarily adjusted to accommodate special occasions.

Temporary overrides (or bonus time)

Have a day off from school or want to reward your kid with an extra hour of free time? Add a temporary override to your kid's app time limits. 

  1. Tap the Screen Time tile and then scroll down to Time Limits.
  2. Tap Override just for today

  3. You will then see the temporary override reflected in your kid's Bark Phone time limits:

All Apps Limit

When you set a limit for All apps, Bark will count all app usage towards their daily limit and suspend access to all apps (with the exception of the Phone app) when they've reached the limit.

Specific App Limit vs. Category Limit

You can set a time limit for a specific app or set limits for all apps within a category.

For example, you could set a time limit of 2 hours for the gaming category, meaning any app within that category (like Minecraft or Roblox) would contribute towards the time limit.

When a time limit is reached...

  • Apps become grayed out and inaccessible until 3:30 a.m. in your time zone.
  • A message will let the child know.


Daily time limits vs. Routines

Daily time limits are a handy feature that lets you set a max amount of time your kid can spend on apps and sites each day. If you want to keep their app usage in check and make sure they don't exceed a specific number of minutes or hours, daily time limits are your go-to solution!

On the other hand, routines offer a different approach. With routines, you can schedule specific blocks of time throughout the week when your kid has access to particular apps and sites. It's great when you want to establish a structured schedule for their app usage and create dedicated time slots. For example, this could look like "no YouTube from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every school day." it's up to you!

So, whether you want to set boundaries on overall app usage or create a consistent routine for specific app access, you now have the tools to make the right choice for your kid's digital experience!

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