Manage Daily Time Limits for the Bark Phone™

Add a Daily Time Limit

To manage your child's time limits from your dashboard, click on the Screen Time tile and then scroll down to Time Limits.

Things to note:

  • Limits apply during all routines.
  • Limits reset at 3:30am.
  • Verify your time zone.

App Limit vs. Category Limit

You can set a time limit for a specific app or set limits for all apps within a category.

For example, you could set a time limit of 2 hours for the Gaming category, meaning any app within that category (like Minecraft or Roblox) would contribute towards the time limit.

When a time limit is reached...

  • Applicable apps become grayed out and inaccessible until 3:30am in your time zone.
  • A message will let the child know.


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