Bark Phone Message Attachment Size Exceeds Max MMS Limit

The orange_messages_app.png Messages app on the Bark Phone is used for texts, including picture and video attachments. 

To save valuable cellular data, Bark will compress images attached to a text message. 

If a video attachment exceeds 800KB, it will display an error message that says:

  • Message attachment size exceeds max MMS limit
  • Couldn't send message, error code: 5
  • or Error: Failed to allocate 71598336 byte allocation with 1...

The good news is, the video can still be sent via text as long as it's under 800 KB. 

Pro Tips

  • Send a link to view the video with the google photos.png Google Photos app (watch this video to learn more).
  • Use the Gallery or Google Photos apps to crop or trim videos.
  • Search Google Play for third-party video editor apps.
  • Adjust the samsung_camera_app.webp Camera app settings to save space for future photos and videos:
    • Tap Camera in Camera app > tap top 3:4 50MP (if set) and change to 3:4.
    • Tap Video in Camera app > tap top FHD (if set) and change to HD.
    • Tap ⚙ in Camera app > enable HEIF pictures.