How to set up in-home filtering

Filtering or blocking websites and apps is an important part of helping to keep your kids safe online, and Bark can let you do it!  

For our first-time setup instructions, select the hardware you're using:


Bark Home



Router with Bark Built-In

Already set up your hardware?

Great! Check out this guide for identifying and naming your devices. This way, you can assign them to profiles and set screen time schedules for app and site blocking.

Set up in-home screen time controls

Do I need both the Bark Home and a router with Bark built-in?

You do not need both, just one of them. If you are unsure of which one is best for you, learn more below:

  • The Bark Home is a little box that you connect to your existing Wi-Fi router to block apps and sites on in-home devices. Coupled with a Bark Premium subscription, it can also be used to monitor texts, photos, and videos on iPhones and iPads.
  • Some routers come with our Bark web filtering service integrated directly into them, meaning you can use them in place of your existing Wi-Fi router for our app and site blocking features.