Disable Guest Mode on Chromebook

These instructions will show how to disable Guest Mode on Chromebook to ensure that Bark will be monitoring your child's Chrome web browsing.

What is Guest Mode?

Guest Mode is a feature on Google Chrome that allows someone to browse the web without being signed in to an account. Turn it off to keep Bark monitoring in place.


  1. Sign into the Chromebook with the owner account.
    💡 Pro Tip: Make the owner account an account that only you have the password for, so that your child cannot edit these settings later.
  2. At the bottom right, click on the clock.
  3. Click on ⚙ Settings.
  4. In the "People" section, click on Manage other people.
  5. Turn off "Enable Guest browsing."
  6. Turn on "Restrict sign-in to the following users."
  7. You can add or remove Google accounts from this list. We recommend just restricting it to the account(s) that have already been set up with Bark.
    ⚠ Unable to adjust these settings? If using a Chromebook issued from a school, you may be unable to adjust these settings. Contact the school's IT administrator if needed.