Not Receiving Push Notifications


There are a number of Bark features that result in push notifications to the Bark Kids app or Bark parent/guardian app. If you or your children are not receiving a particular push notification, then there are a few potential culprits.

Potential reason #1: The Bark app is not up to date.

003.png Bark Kids app 

Bark parent/guardian app

Potential reason #2: The device's notifications settings for the app need to be adjusted.

  • To adjust notification settings for Bark on iOS, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Bark > make sure Banners and Badges are enabled for the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners.

  • To adjust notification settings for Bark on Android, navigate to Settings > Apps > Bark > Notifications > Allow or show notifications. On some versions of Android, you may need to verify that Banners and Display in the status bar are also enabled.


Potential reason #3: The Bark app is logged out.

Make sure that when you tap on the Bark Kids or Bark parent/guardian app on the device in question, that you're logged in.

If you instead see a login screen prompting you to enter your parent login credentials, then you have not fully set up your Bark Kids or Bark parent/guardian app. 

Potential reason #4: The push notification is disabled on your Bark alert settings.

When you're logged into your Bark parent/guardian dashboard, you can adjust your alert notification preferences by selecting Alert Settings under the ˅ menu (computer) or ≡ More (mobile).

Among those settings is one for push notifications (you may need to scroll down on the page). Ensure the applicable push notification setting is enabled:




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