Can I monitor adults?

Not at this time. Bark supports families with children under 18 that are your legal dependents.

When a child registered in your Bark account reaches 18, we'll send you an email at the end of their birth month. This email will detail the changes in Bark's services as they transition into adulthood. 

Parents who have proof of court-appointed guardianship of their child past the age of 18 may be eligible to continue monitoring coverage. If you'd like to submit your legal guardianship documents for review, please use this form.

With the Bark Home, you can continue to manage app and site access on your home Wi-Fi network. This applies to all connected devices, irrespective of the user's age. You have the option to exempt certain devices, like those used by adults, from these restrictions.

For detailed information on Bark's policies and terms of service, visit: