Stuck During Bark Phone Setup

Have you run into an issue setting up your Bark Phone? We’ve got answers to some common issues.

How do I know when it's set up?

You can tell if you've activated the Bark Phone if:

  • You see your kid's assigned number when you open the bark_parent_app.webp Bark Guard Dog app.
  • You see a check in button when you open the bark_kids_app.png Bark Kids app.
  • You see a Bark Phone tile under your child's name on your parent app / dashboard.

Slow Setup

Setting up the Bark Phone this first time may take a few minutes. To speed up the process, make sure the Bark Phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Also, double check you're logged into Bark with the email used to order the phone.

Phone is assigned to wrong kid

If you ordered multiple Bark Phones but are seeing they're associated with the wrong child, it's okay!

You can select the correct child when setting up each phone. 

If you've already set up your Bark Phones and accidentally selected the wrong child, please reach out to us with the IMEI and name of the child you'd like associated with each Bark Phone.

Number porting

Check out this article to learn how to port over an existing number to the Bark Phone.

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