How to do a Bark account health check

1. Setup Checklist

Bark provides a setup checklist for all the ways your family can get the most out of Bark.

Note: Once you've completed the setup checklist, the screen will disappear.


2. Red notifications under child

Bark lets you know if something in your account needs attention. Notifications in red below your child’s name could mean:

  1. A device or account has been disrupted and needs to be reconnected.
  2. Bark has flagged something that needs your attention. For example, your kid may be using an app that's not currently being monitored.
  3. A device or account wasn't fully set up.
Note: Tasks can be dismissed at any time with the small x.


3. Monitoring tile

Green checkmarks green_checkmark.png indicate that everything is working as expected when it comes to monitoring. Red "fix" buttons will appear if the connection needs attention.

4. Screen Time tile

Under the Devices section of the Screen Time tile, you are looking for a green checkmark green_checkmark.png under each item to see if everything is working. You'll see a red "fix" button if something needs attention. 

5. Alerts

We’ll let you know when it’s been a while since we've heard from a device or platform. Tapping an alert will give you tips on how to resolve the issue.