Bark for Schools+

What is Bark for Schools+: 

Bark for Schools+ is designed for schools seeking extra protection for imminent alerts where a student or others may be at risk. With Bark for Schools+, our trained and dedicated specialists make your students’ safety their first priority by alerting you via text, phone, and email when urgent, time-sensitive alerts need to be addressed. You can get peace of mind knowing someone is available 24/7 to alert you to potentially urgent dangers facing your students.


What Bark for Schools+ provides:

24/7 emergency call and text notifications
Receive a call and text message for imminent threat alerts that require immediate attention.

Customized alert notifications
Deliver alerts directly to the people who need to see them.

Customized alert sensitivity
Configure different sensitivity settings for your students based on their OUs or Groups. 

Customized Email Notifications
Configure to receive email notifications for both non-severe and severe alerts. 

Image Removal software
Prevent inappropriate image files from being viewed or shared.

Report Exporting
The ability to export alert metadata to better understand trends in your alerts.


Where can I get more information?

You can request a quote for your school or district by submitting a request for a quote here.