Bark for Schools Plus

Brian Richards

Bark for Schools+ is a premium service for schools that need extra support with managing imminent alerts. You’ll also get access to improved workflow management features.


What Bark for Schools+ Provides:


24/7 emergency call and text
Get support for imminent threat alerts that require immediate attention.


Customized notifications
Deliver urgent alerts directly to the people who need to see them


Image Removal software
Prevent inappropriate image files from being viewed or shared.


Bark for Schools+ helps you respond to potentially life-threatening situations:

  • Threats of violence
  • Suicidal ideation
  • School threats
  • Sextortion and predatory behavior

Bark for Schools+ emergencies are highlighted in the dashboard:

We never want you to miss an alert -- especially when the alert triggers an emergency call. With Bark for Schools+, any unreviewed emergency alert will appear in red above all other alerts.


Bark for Schools+ reviewers can customize notifications:

With Bark for Schools+, the Bark Super Admin can assign alerts by category to other Reviewers. This allows certain Reviewers to only receive alert categories they’re established to handle, such as self-harm and depression alerts going to counselors and violence and bullying alerts going to school safety officers. You can even restrict their alerts to pertain to particular groups, like only allowing a Reviewer to see alerts for their school or grade level.

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What is the difference between Bark for Schools+ and Free?

The A.I. and email alerts for each product is the same. Our free Bark for Schools product is excellent for providing student insights, filtering, and sharing responsibilities for student safety with parents and guardians.

Bark for Schools+ is designed for schools seeking extra protection for imminent alerts where a student or others may be at risk. With Bark for Schools+, our trained and dedicated specialists make your students’ safety their first priority by alerting you via text, phone, and email when urgent, time-sensitive alerts need to be addressed 24/7. You can get peace of mind knowing someone is available 24/7 to alert you to potentially urgent dangers facing your students. 

  Bark for Schools (Free)   Bark for Schools+ (Premium)
  • Monitoring, filtering, Parent Portal
  • Access to technical support team
  • 24/7 severe alerts via email
  • Bark for Schools Mobile Application
  • Monitoring, filtering, Parent Portal
  • Access to technical support team
  • 24/7 severe alerts via email
  • Bark for Schools Mobile Application
  • 24/7 emergency response via text and phone call 
  • Custom alert settings
  • Image Removal

If I sign up for Bark for Schools+, can I choose the number of students covered? 

Absolutely! We want Bark for Schools+ to work for your school as you need it. We work with schools that choose to select either a grade level or every student. The choice is yours to make. Submit a request for a quote today!


Do I have to sign up for Bark for Schools+ in to order help protect my students with Bark?

Bark for Schools+ is completely optional to schools. 


Where can I enroll or get more information?

Bark for Schools+ quotes are personalized per school but you can get started by submitting a request for a quote. Check out our product guide for more information.