YouTube keeps getting disconnected from Bark

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Some accounts are monitored for worrisome content by connecting them to Bark with your kid's login credentials. If you ever get a message saying "Fix YouTube," "YouTube has unauthorized Bark," or "Issue accessing YouTube account," it's usually due to these reasons:

  • Your kid's account password was changed
  • Your kid's account security settings were changed (like two-factor authentication)
  • Your kid's account was deleted from YouTube
  • Your kid did nothing, but their YouTube account got disconnected
    (YouTube doesn't let accounts with a birthday under 13 years old to connect to Bark)

How to fix

Reconnecting the account to Bark is easy — just tap on Fix YouTube on your parent app / dashboard and enter your kid's account credentials or invite them to reconnect it themselves.

Fix Youtube task - Youtube has unauthorized Bark.png

Important note: YouTube accounts with a birthday under 13 years old will continuously get disconnected from Bark due to YouTube's security policies. Here's how to confirm the birthday on your kid's YouTube account: Verify their birthday

If their birthday is 12 years old or younger, YouTube doesn't let you change the birthday to 13 years or older. Your options are to wait until your child gets older, or to create a new YouTube account with a birthday over 13 years old, so that they can get monitored reliably with Bark.

Here's what Bark monitors on YouTube.