Bark Phone can't make calls

Interactive Troubleshooter

Text Instructions

If you’re experiencing calling issues on your kid's Bark Phone, you may be seeing “No Service” or “Searching” in the top status bar. Here are a few common fixes:

  • Turn off the Bark Phone and turn it back on
    This can really help! Turn the Bark Phone off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.
  • Check if Bark covers your area
    Use our coverage map to see if there's coverage in your home and other important areas.
  • Check the cell signal 📶
    If you’re in a rural area, deep inside a building, or underground, your signal strength might be reduced to 1-2 bars or even cut off, which affect calls. Find a location with better signal or turn on Wi-Fi calling (more details below).
  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling
    This can be great if you're in a low reception area that has strong Wi-Fi connectivity. Here's how to turn on Wi-Fi Calling. Then, see if you're now able to make calls.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi calling
    Wi-Fi calling may in some cases interfere with your service if the Wi-Fi signal is not strong. Turn it off and see if you're now able to make calls.
  • Did you port in your kid's number? 
    If so, deregister the phone number from FaceTime/iMessage (if ported over from iPhone) or deregister the number from RCS chats (if ported over from Android).
  • Check for updates to carrier services 
    You can find this on the Bark Phone by opening the play_store_icon.png Play Store app > search carrier_services.png Carrier Services > update if applicable.
  • Check for updates to the Samsung operating system
    You can find this on the Bark Phone by opening the ⚙ Settings app > scroll down to Software Update > update if applicable.
  • Ensure that Mobile Data is enabled
    You can find this on the Bark Phone by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen twice and making sure Mobile Data is blue, as seen below.