Bark for Schools+

  • Bark for Schools Plus

    Bark for Schools+ is a premium service for schools that need extra support with managing imminent alerts. Y...

    Brian Richards


  • Bark for Schools Mobile App

    NOTE: This article is for school administrators using our Bark for Schools service. If you are a parent or ...

  • What Bark for Schools Monitors

    Account-level monitoring Monitored when the Bark Super Admin enables groups for monitoring in the Settings ...

  • FAQs: Bark for Schools

    What is Bark for Schools? Available at no cost to all K-12 schools across the U.S., Bark for Schools provid...

    Brian Richards
  • FAQs: Bark for Schools Parent Portal

    What is the Parent Portal? Parent Portal was launched as part of Bark's mission to keep kids safe online 24...

    Brian Richards
  • FAQs: Bark for Schools Web Filtering

    What is the cost for the Bark For Schools web filtering service? Bark for Schools provides a world-class on...

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Foundations Resources for Families

  • What is Bark Foundations?

    What is Bark Foundations? When your child's school purchases Bark Foundations, you will receive an email in...

  • How to Activate Your Foundations Account

    By purchasing Bark Foundations accounts for their families, a school helps provide a digital safety tool at...


Foundations Resources for Schools

  • Family Packages: Bark for Schools

    With our family monitoring packages, parents can monitor their children’s favorite apps and social media pl...

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