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Account Management

  • Family Communication for Content Monitoring

    We built Bark to help families work with their children to stay safe online, and we are excited to provide ...

  • Parent/Guardian App

    Managing your Bark account from your phone is easier than ever with our apps available for both Android and...

  • Adding Children

    One of the great features of Bark is that you can add as many children and devices as you like to your Bar...

  • Parent Referral Program

    If you believe in Bark, take a moment to tell your friends — it could change their lives. For every person ...

  • Removing Children

    Please note that doing these steps will permanently delete this child's data, including connected accounts...

  • Adding a Connection

    How to Monitor Accounts and Devices You get an unlimited number of apps and devices you can monitor with yo...

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Social Media and Email Monitoring

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Troubleshooting iOS

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