Android Monitoring

  • How to Monitor an Android Device

    Get Started We're proud to be able to cover the most devices and platforms on the market. Due to our compre...

  • How To Set Up the Bark Phone™

    The Bark Phone™ is our brand new all-in-one solution. This article discusses the initial setup process. If ...

  • Managing Rules for the Bark Phone™

    Video We've created a video playlist that accompanies the information in this help article. Background The...

  • Transferring Contacts and Media

    If you are going from a different smartphone to a Bark Phone™, you may be wondering about the best method t...

  • How to Monitor Other Android Phones & Tablets

    This article is for compatible Android devices on the Bark Premium plan. For monitoring Android devices on ...

  • How to Monitor an Amazon Fire Tablet

    This article is for Bark Premium subscribers. If you'd like to set up screen time & web filtering on an Ama...

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iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Monitoring

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Screen Time & Web Filtering

Computer Monitoring

  • How to Set Up Bark on a Computer

    What is monitored? If you are on the Premium plan, your child's connected email and social media, like Twit...

  • How to Monitor a Chromebook

    Set Up a Chromebook Reference the video below to set up a Chromebook with Bark! If the video doesn't play ...

  • Updating the Bark for Chromebooks App

    Bark periodically updates the app to ensure your child's device remains protected. Make sure that you have ...