How to Make Changes to Your Scheduled Support Call


Bark has an incredible support team willing to help. You can always contact us for questions or assistance. We know parenting in a tech world is challenging, and we hope to help you navigate it!

There are times when the support team needs a scheduled support call to resolve an issue. If you've already scheduled a call with us but need to reschedule or cancel the call, here's what you do:

STEP 1: Log in to your email inbox (the email you use for your Bark account).

STEP 2: Search for an email titled "Your Zoom Meeting with Bark is confirmed!" and open the email.

STEP 3: In that confirmation email, you'll find the link to change your booking, as seen in the example below:



Need additional assistance?

If you cannot find that email, that's okay! Just reach out to us with the changes you'd like to make to your existing appointment and we'll be happy to help.