Update Image Removal Permissions: Bark for Schools


Our premium Image Removal feature requires additional permissions to permanently delete child nudity from Google Drive and Gmail.

Add the required permissions by doing the following:

STEP 1: Log in to the Google Admin Console.

STEP 2: Select the Security icon.

STEP 3: Click on API Controls towards the bottom of the list.

STEP 4: Click on Manage Domain-wide Delegation.

STEP 5: Select Add New.Screen_Shot_2021-02-23_at_8_43_38_AM.png

STEP 6: Enter 101038188342863178887 in the Client ID textbox and https://mail.google.com/,https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive in the Scopes textbox. Click Authorize.

The end result should look like the following:


STEP 6: Log in to bark.us/schools as the Bark Super Admin. That should be it! Permissions should be fixed now.


How do I reach the Bark for Schools team?

We have an incredible team behind the scenes here at Bark. For technical questions, we can be reached here. Our team is happy to help!