Child Has a New Device

Replacing a Device

With your Bark subscription, you can monitor an unlimited number of devices!

If your child has replaced their phone, tablet, or computer with a new device, you'll need to do some minor setup on the new device. Please follow this guide in order to complete the process of replacing the child's device on your Bark dashboard.

NOTE: You do not need follow these steps if your child simply got a new phone number but retained their old device. Bark doesn't use the phone number for monitoring at all, so if the child still uses the same old device, no further action is required!

On the old device:

  • Uninstall the Bark Kids app, if applicable.
    • The steps to uninstall the Bark Kids app are the same as the steps for uninstalling any other app on that device. If prompted, you may need to input your parental passcode to uninstall the child app. Users of Apple Screen Time may need to change a setting in order to allow apps to be uninstalled temporarily.
    • If the device was broken, factory reset, or lost, then you can skip this step.

On your dashboard:

On the new device:


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