Web Filtering: How to Set Up Chrome or Edge Chromium

Bark for Schools Chrome Web Filter Extension

Once you've set up your domain with Bark for Schools, you may wish to add on a web filter. 

Our Chrome web filter allows the whitelisting and blacklisting of any site and offers the function to disable access to sites of a given category. Because it is deployed at the student account-level, it is a great option for remote learning.

Once deployed, we also provide granular reports at the school-level, group-level, or student-level within Bark for Schools so that you can make informed decisions on student web traffic behavior.

Bark for Schools: Filter+

Bark’s upgraded Filter+ product includes the additional functionality of assigning web filter policies by organizational unit or student group. This means allowing and blocking different sites or categories for elementary school vs. high school -- or even different classes within each!** 

Click here to request contact from our sales team for more information.

**The granularity of the web filter assignments is based on how your organizational units or groups are structured within your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environments.

Get Started

For instructions on setting up the Chrome filter, select what your school or district uses below:


Microsoft 0365


NOTE: If you use both Google Workspace and O365, please reach out to us.

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