Web Filtering: How to Remove the Chrome or Edge Chromium Web Filter

Remove the Edge Chromium Extension within O365

Click here for Microsoft's guide on removing extensions: Use group policies to manage Edge extensions

Remove the Chrome Extension within Google Workspace

STEP 1: Click the three-line menu on the top left of the Admin console.


STEP 2: Click on Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions > Users & Browsers

STEP 3: Select the OU(s) that contain the students you wish to disable the extension for — bear in mind that the top-level OU in the past may have forced those related sub-OU's to inherit the extension. 

STEP 4: Select your custom Bark Chrome web filter extension and click the Trash can icon on the right-hand side to remove the custom extension.

(Don't remember the extension ID? Check your Chrome Web Filter settings when logged into Bark as the super admin.)



Removing the Filter Policy/Rules (optional)

If applicable, you can remove the filtering rules/policies on your dashboard by following the instructions below. However, if you'd like to keep your rules saved for whenever you re-install the web filter in the future, then skip this section.

STEP 1: Click on the top right menuWeb Filters > See All Filters.

NOTE: Only users with Bark Super Admin status can access the Web Filter policies page.

STEP 2: On this screen, you'll see all filters that had been previously set up.
Within each window, you'll see an option to Delete this filter. This will delete that particular ruleset from the account.