How to Set Up Screen Time on Amazon Fire

This article is for users who've set up a Bark Home (or a router with Bark built-in) and want to protect their kid's Amazon Fire tablet(s).

Set up app & site blocking on your kid's Amazon Fire Tablet

  1. On your kid's Amazon Fire tablet, open the amazon fire silk browser internet.jpg Internet app.
  2. Type in in the address bar at the top. mebarkus_browser_bar.png
  3. Tap and hold your finger over the IP address (e.g. Tap Copy at the top of the screen.
  4. Now, slide your finger down from the top of the screen to tap on ⚙️ Settings.pull_down_settings_amazon.gif
  5. Tap Wireless & Bluetooth (or "Internet"). Screen_Shot_2020-12-04_at_5.02.33_PM.png
  6. Tap Wi-Fi (or "Wi-Fi Preferences").
  7. Tap and hold your finger over your Wi-Fi network. Tap Modify Network (on newer tablets, you instead have to tap the next to your Wi-Fi). modify_wifi_settings_amazon_fire.gif
  8. Select Advanced Options (on newer tablets, you instead have to tap the pencil icon on the top right).
  9. Then, tap on IP settings and select Static.advanced_settings_wifi_amazon.gif
  10. Now, tap and hold your finger on the IP address field.
  11. You will see Paste come up as a button.
  12. Tap Paste to input the IP address we copied earlier. Once you do, it'll fill out the other fields automatically.
  13. Tap Save.
  14. The tablet will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.
  15. Your Wi-Fi network should display Connected after a few moments. Screen_Shot_2020-12-04_at_4.47.44_PM.png

    ⚠ Seeing "Internet service not working" instead?
    • Double-check the IP address was entered correctly.
    • If you're still having no luck, consult your router's user manual for the IP addresses it accepts as static IPs.
    • Still seeing "Internet service not working"? Please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help!
  16. Next, turn off Secure DNS in your kid's Silk browser app.
  17. Lastly, find the Amazon Fire tablet in your parent app / dashboard, assign it to a profile, and block apps and sites!