Parent Portal: After the Invite Goes Out

For the Parents / Guardians:

If families need assistance setting up their free Parent Portal account or navigating their dashboard, they can check out the guide below or reach out to our support team if they need additional assistance.

How to Activate Your Parent Portal Account

For the School Administrators:

It is important to remember that parents/guardians do not have to accept the invitations to setup a Parent Portal account and this program is completely optional. 

To see who has accepted the invitation, navigate to the Parent Portal Settings page, scroll down until you see "You've uploaded __ contacts - __% have set up their free account.", and export the report. 

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 12.00.58 PM.png

If the account has been activated you'll see a date and time under the "parent_portal_activated_at" column. 

Please Note: You have to be a Super Admin to access the Parent Portal Settings page. If you do not see this option in your drop-down menu, please reach out to the Super Admin on your account for further assistance. 

After the Invite Goes Out:

  1. This email will be sent to the parents/guardians to invite them to enroll. If they'd like to enroll, they will click Confirm My Contact Info.

  2. They will be taken to a page to enter an email and create a password for their free Parent Portal account. The student accounts are connected automatically once the parent clicks the Confirm My Info button seen below:

    If the parent is an existing Bark account-holder: They don't need to create another Bark account. The student accounts will be automatically added to their existing Bark account.
    If the parent has multiple children: If a parent with multiple children receives separate activation emails for each child, they do not need to create separate Parent Portal accounts. Once they've created an account with the first student/child, it adds the other children automatically.

  3. They will be prompted to enter their child's birth month and birth year so that the recommended actions and tips presented on the dashboard are tailored to the child's age range.

That's it! 🎉

Now the parent will be able to access the dashboard for their child's student accounts. They can access this dashboard from any web browser or via the Bark parent app on iOS and Android