Parent Start Guide: Bark for Schools

Brian Richards

Bark for Schools wants to make it as easy as possible for you to help keep your students safe online, and parental involvement is a big part of that. Whether or not the parents and guardians in your community are monitoring their child’s online activities, they may have questions about digital safety.

Below you'll find tools and resources you can share with families. These short guides will help them understand the technology kids can access at your school. Plus, check out the Parent Response Toolkit which provides recommended actions for how to handle issues kids face both online and in real life.


For Parents With Children Getting Accounts For the First Time

Many students get access to digital technologies like email and cloud storage for the first time at school, and parents may not be familiar with some of the ways these tools are used — or the risks that can come with them.

We’ve created the following guides for you to share with families to help them better understand the technology your school is providing to students:


For Parents That Need Help Handling Common Issues

These articles outline some recommended actions parents and guardians can take to help guide their kids through issues like cyberbullying, sexual content, online predators, violence, and more. These short guides are great starting points for parents in need of additional resources.

Download our Parent Response Toolkit to share these recommended actions with the families in your community.


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How can I contact the Bark for Schools team?

We have an incredible team ready to help you with any questions you may have. You can reach us here.