Reset Data (Mac)


When to use this article:

These steps will reset the settings on your Bark Desktop App only. This may be necessary if you need to...

This does not force a new backup, nor does it delete old backups. If you need other troubleshooting solutions, check out this article.

Get Started

STEP 1: Open the Bark Desktop App.

If it is not, click on the Bark Desktop application either in you Applications folder or in the Dock at the bottom of the screen

STEP 2: Navigate to the top of the screen and click on the Bark dog.

STEP 3: Select Help, and then click Reset Data.

This causes the application to quit and restart.

STEP 4: Log in with your Bark credentials.

Once the Bark Desktop App restarts, you will be prompted to login again.
NOTE: No backups or information is lost during this process.

STEP 5: Plug in your child's iOS device(s).

We want to make sure the pairing with the devices wasn't impacted during the Reset Data process.

STEP 6: Select the children's names applicable to each iOS device.

A backup for each device displayed will begin after you select the applicable child's name for that device in the drop-down menu. 

Last step: Check that the iOS device(s) is recognized over Wi-Fi.

After the backup completes, let's check to see if the device is recognized by the Bark Desktop App wirelessly! If it is, Bark will be analyzing your child's device automatically and wirelessly.

To do so, unplug the device, ensure your child's device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the computer, and click Check for Devices. 

It will then say "Scanning for devices" for some time as it checks for your child's device over the Wi-Fi network.

After it is done scanning, what we want to see is the Wi-Fi symbol on the top left indicating it is recognizing the device over Wi-Fi, as seen below:

Don't see the Wi-Fi symbol? Check out our frequent troubleshooting solutions here!


Need additional assistance?

If you're running into any issue along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Screenshots always help.