Changing Locations for Backups in Bark Desktop App (Mac)


This guide will show you how to set Bark to save backups to the location you have chosen on your computer. Sometimes, this can be helpful if you have more space on an external drive than on your internal hard drive.

The size of the backup file(s) depends on the amount of messages, pictures, videos, etc. saved to your child's device(s) at the time of analysis.

Keep in mind, Bark will only keep one to two backup files per device on your backup storage location at time. Thus, you may have more backup files if you have multiple iOS devices monitored by Bark.

Below you can find steps on changing the location on which Bark stores backup files for your children's iOS device monitoring.


STEP 1: Open the Bark Desktop app

  • At the top of your screen, click on the Bark dog.
  • Click on Choose Backup Location:

STEP 2: Choose a new backup location.

  • The file manager will open and you can choose a location to add your backups. 
  • When you've selected the location you want, click Open on the bottom right.

STEP 3: Quit and Re-open Bark

  • At the top of your screen, click on the Bark dog.
  • Select Quit Bark on the menu that appears.
  • Then re-open Bark by doing the following: open Finder > Applications > Bark.

STEP 4: Plug your child's iOS device into the computer.

You will see the following screen, and you will want to click Check for Devices.


STEP 5: Tap "Trust" on your child's iOS device, if prompted.

NOTE: You may also be asked to click "Trust" on iTunes or Finder on your computer. 


STEP 6: Associate the recognized device with the appropriate child.

The backup will begin after you select your child's name in the drop-down menu. 


Last step: Repeat steps 4-6 for any other iOS devices you need to monitor.

Otherwise, that's it! You have now changed the location for your child(ren)'s iOS device backups. 

NOTE: If you ever have to troubleshoot the Bark Desktop App, you may be asked to "Reset Data," and if that's the case, the Bark backup location you had chosen will revert back to the original location. You will have to remember to change the backup location back to your desired location.


Need help?

If you have followed these steps and you are having issues with backup locations, please reach out to us!