What is Screen Time or On-the-Go Controls?


With on-the-go controls (Screen Time), you're able to:

  • Turn off the internet when needed (while still allowing texts and calls)
  • Set a schedule of different daily rules for school nights and weekends
  • Block apps and websites
  • Block categories of apps and websites (such as social media, streaming, gaming, and sexual content)
  • Use our Check-Ins feature to locate your kids

If your subscription plan also includes content monitoring, you also get monitoring of 30+ of the most popular apps and social media platforms.

What is the difference between Screen Time and content monitoring?

Screen Time & Web Filtering, also known as on-the-go controls, prohibit or allow access to particular websites, apps, and internet services. On Android and iOS, this is accomplished via the Bark VPN installed on your child's device with the Bark Kids app. The Bark VPN doesn't do anything other than block or allow content according to your rules for that profile.

Content monitoring is the contextual analysis of texts, photos, videos, social media, etc. on your child's device for worrisome content. On iOS, this is the monitoring we do via the Bark Desktop App backups. On Android, this is the monitoring we do via the Bark for Kids app installed on the child's device. If we find something alarming in your child's messaging, media, or web browsing, we alert you.

What devices are compatible?

Screen Time / on-the-go controls are available for children's Android and iOS devices on the Bark Jr and Bark subscription plans.

Content monitoring is available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, and computers on the Bark subscription plan.

If your children have older devices, you may wish to verify they are compatible here.

How do I get set up?

Set Up Bark's Screen Time & Web Filtering

How do I manage the screen time & filtering rules?

Manage Screen Time Rules

Can I set up web filtering on a Smart TV, computer, gaming console, etc?

You can absolutely filter the other devices on your home Wi-Fi network if you also have our Bark Home device set up.

Learn more about Bark Home


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