Delete Old Backups


In this article, we'll discuss how to remove an iOS device from monitoring.

When you follow these steps, Bark will stop monitoring that iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and will delete its backup file from your computer storage.

Get Started

STEP 1: Open your Bark Desktop App on your Windows or Mac computer.

STEP 2: Select the gear icon next to the device you'd like to delete.

STEP 3: Click on Stop Monitoring Device.

NOTE: Don't see this option? Then you're on an older version of the Bark Desktop App. Click here for steps to update.

STEP 4: Review the prompt to ensure you'd like to proceed:


STEP 5: If you decide to move forward with removing the device, you will see it say "Removing..." and then you will notice the device is no longer on your Bark Desktop App.


NOTE: If you do not want Bark to alert you about missing backups for the device you have deleted from your Bark Desktop App, then go ahead and remove it from your Bark dashboard itself by following these steps.

If you later want to monitor that device again, click +Add on the top right of the Bark Desktop App. For additional information on the first-time setup, check out this guide.


Running into an unexpected error?

Bark Support is committed to helping every step of the way. Please reach out to us!