How to Split Devices Seen by Bark Home


When you first set up Bark Home, it will detect all new devices connected to your home Wi-Fi as Unmanaged Devices. Sometimes, mistakes in identifying and merging devices happen.

We've empowered you with tools in the case that you ever have to split devices that had been previously merged.

How to Split Devices

STEP 1: Identify the devices shown in your In-Home page by referencing this guide. If you find a device entry that actually includes two separate devices that shouldn't have been merged, then that's the device we're interested in splitting up on your dashboard with the following steps.

STEP 2: Scroll down to the child or home profile. Select View Profile. Find the device in question and click on it.


STEP 3: Click on the ... icon 💬  on the top right > select Split Up This Device.

STEP 4: On the following page, you will look through all of the merged devices and select which one(s) to split up by selecting the circle next to Split into separate device.

(You can take note of how we detected the device in the "Connected via" section to help you determine which ones to split up.)

STEP 5: Once you split the devices, you should see them as separate entries.



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