Parent Portal: Getting Started

Since each school or district has its own specific goals and challenges, there are several options for implementing Parent Portal. We encourage schools and districts to choose the one that works best for them. 

Before you start, please also check out our Parent Portal FAQ.

Parent Portal Implementation Strategies

A) All Students

When to use: Your school/district is ready to invite all parents to partner with them in online student safety. A Super Admin can choose to launch with ClassLink or .csv upload from your dashboard here.

B) Vulnerable and High-Risk Students

When to use: Your school/district recognizes the value in a home-school monitoring partnership, but only wants to offer it to specific students at this time. Select a group of students most in need of additional oversight and ask your Super Admin submit their emails in .csv format from your dashboard here.

C) Pilot Mode

Recommendation: A great way to pilot Parent Portal is to use the .csv upload to invite other administrators who have children that attend the school. This helps schools get an idea of what parents will see, allowing for a calibrated launch.