Parent Guides to School-Issued Accounts

Many students get access to digital technologies like email and cloud storage for the first time at school, and parents may not be familiar with some of the ways these tools are used — or the risks that can come with them.

We’ve created the following guides for you to share with families to help them better understand the technology your school is providing to students:

Once they’re familiar with these digital tools, many parents may appreciate the opportunity to get alerts for potentially time-sensitive dangers their child may encounter on their school-issued accounts. With Parent Portal, parents can join your school in receiving urgent notifications after school hours, on weekends, and over holidays.

Parent Portal assists school administration with sharing the responsibility of helping keep kids safe both at school and at home. Schools that have activated Parent Portal have seen more family engagement in their children's digital lives — which has led to fewer issues at schools. If you haven't already, set up Parent Portal today!