Ignored Users, Groups, or Subscriptions

This feature is available for users on our Bark Premium subscription plan.

In addition to configurable Alert Settings, we offer you the ability to ignore future alerts to/from another user, group, or subscription.

This may be helpful if say, you don't want to get alerts stemming from a conversation your child had with a parent, grandparent, or other similar contact. You may also do this if you don't want to get alerts about a certain YouTube subscription. Following the steps below would allow you to ignore any future alerts between this particular child and that other user, group, or subscription.

To ignore a user, group, or subscription when reviewing an alert:

STEP 1: Open the alert from the Review Alerts page.

STEP 2: Click the "don't alert me to issues with this group" link, as indicated below. This will ignore future alerts that take place on Discord between Renee and this "coolest ppl" group.

To view or delete ignored users, groups, or subscriptions:

If you've accidentally ignored alerts for a user, group, or subscription, you can easily undo the mistake by following the steps below.

STEP 1: Go to your dashboard.

STEP 2: Select Monitoring under the child in question.

STEP 3: Click on Settings at the top. Then, scroll all the way down.

STEP 4: To delete the ignored user or group and initiate future alerts with them, click the X to the left of the user or group:



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