I want to use Bark but I can’t afford it ⁠— can you help?

We completely understand the need to find an affordable option for your family. 

Subscription Options:

Bark Premium
$14 / month or save with $99 / year

Bark Jr
$5 / month or save with $49 / year

Get Tech Help

Have a question? Need help getting set up? Our experienced support team is always here to help parents and kids get the most out of Bark. We can even help with setup on a scheduled call with screenshare! Just let us know.

How do I switch from monthly to annual or vice versa?

If you'd like to switch your payment plan from annual to monthly or vice versa, click here for instructions.

Need additional assistance with the cost of Bark?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to help.

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