Add Another Contact to Receive Alerts

This article will show you a step-by-step process on how to add another contact to receive alerts via your account's Alert Settings.

Add Another Alert Contact

If you'd like to partner with a spouse or guardian in reviewing alerts, you can add their email and/or phone number into your Alert Settings.

  1. Log into your Bark dashboard or app.
  2. Select Account in the ˅ menu (computer) or ≡ More (mobile).
  3. Click on Alert Settings.
  4. Select email or text. We support phone numbers in the United States, Australia, and South Africa.
  5. Type in their information and click Add.
    Do not add a child's email or phone number here.

Pro Tips

  • Do not add your kid's email or phone number here.
  • If one parent or guardian has reviewed an alert, it will be marked as "read" or "Reviewed."
  • Adjust the Alerts filter to "Reviewed" to find an alert the other notification contact(s) may have seen, but that you have not.
  • When we email contacts about alerts, they will need to log in with the main Bark account's email and password to finish reviewing the alert. This is because of our security policies.

Delete an Existing Contact

Click the X next to the number or email, as seen below.


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