Do you monitor... Do you filter...


We're always working on monitoring the content of new apps, games and social media. Below are some of the platforms we hope to monitor in the future.

However, while we can't always monitor the content of all apps out there, you can absolutely filter any app or site with our Screen Time & Web Filtering features!

You can also enforce parental controls on many platforms. Use Barkomatic to get a list of all the platforms your family uses that could have parental controls available.

  • Xbox - Work in Progress
  • Playstation - Work in Progress
  • Nintendo - Work in Progress
  • Twitch - Work in Progress
  • Amino - Work in Progress
  • Wattpad - Work in Progress
  • Roblox - Work in Progress
  • Fortnite - Work in Progress
  • Netflix - Work in Progress
  • Hulu - Work in Progress
  • Amazon Echo - Work in Progress
  • and more!

Once we have news on new features within Bark itself, we'll be sure to let our customers know!

In the meantime, Bark offers screen time and web filtering for any device connected to your home Wi-Fi (like computers, gaming consoles, Smart TVs) if you purchase and activate Bark Home.

We've also built this cool, free tool called Barkomatic:

Barkomatic is an interactive website that allows you to enter all of the technology and devices your child interacts with — from apps and games to phones and tablets — and receive all of the parental control instructions in one convenient location.

Though some platforms have not made it to our comprehensive list of all we monitor, you can now receive a personalized report of step-by-step instructions for setting parental controls on many of those devices and platforms. You can also explore Bark’s useful resources for best practices to help your kids stay safe online and in real life.


Have additional questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist!