Not Receiving Push Notifications


There are a number of Bark features that result in push notifications to the Bark Kids app or Bark parent/guardian app. If you or your children are not receiving a particular push notification, then there are a few potential culprits.

Potential reason #1: The Bark app is not up to date.

003.png Bark Kids app 

Bark parent/guardian app

Potential reason #2: The device's notifications settings for the app need to be adjusted.

  • To adjust notification settings for Bark on iOS, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Bark > make sure Banners and Badges are enabled for the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners.

  • To adjust notification settings for Bark on Android, navigate to Settings > Apps > Bark > Notifications > Allow or show notifications. On some versions of Android, you may need to verify that Banners and Display in the status bar are also enabled.


Potential reason #3: The Bark app is logged out.

Make sure that when you tap on the Bark Kids or Bark parent/guardian app on the device in question, that you're logged in.

If you instead see a login screen prompting you to enter your parent login credentials, then you have not fully set up your Bark Kids or Bark parent/guardian app. 

Potential reason #4: The push notification is disabled on your Bark alert settings.

When you're logged into your Bark parent/guardian dashboard, you can adjust your alert notification preferences. Among those settings is one for push notifications (you may need to scroll down on the Alert Settings page). Ensure the applicable push notification setting is enabled:



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