How to Merge Devices Seen By Bark Home


When you first set up Bark Home, it will detect all devices connected to your home Wi-Fi as Unmanaged Devices. While sometimes we can automatically merge the duplicate device for you, we've empowered you with tools in the case that it does not happen.

Why would it show duplicate devices in the first place? Click here for more information.

How to Merge Devices

STEP 1: Identify the devices shown in your Unmanaged Devices list by referencing this guide. If you find two device entries that happen to be the same device, those are the ones we are interested in merging on your dashboard with the following steps.

In our example below, we are looking at a computer that generated 2 devices -- one that is named "819a3..." and another that is named "Google Samsung Chromebook 3."

STEP 2: Find each of the duplicate devices. Assign each one to the applicable profile (e.g. "Johnny" or "Shared Devices").

STEP 3: Click on one of the duplicate devices.

STEP 4: Click on the ... icon on the top right > select Merge With Duplicate.

STEP 5: On the following screen, select the duplicate device you need to merge. In this example, we're selecting "Google Samsung Chromebook 3" as the device we need to merge with "819a3..."

STEP 6: That's it! Now, I can see that they are merged and represent the one Chromebook that the child Stu Dent owns.


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