"Privacy Warning" on an iOS device

If you're seeing a "Privacy Warning" for your home network, there's no need to panic.

This message appears when:

  • You've turned off Private Wi-Fi Address on your iPhone or iPad (which is totally reasonable to do on your own home Wi-Fi network, but it's not recommended for public Wi-Fi networks)
  • Bark Home is blocking encrypted DNS requests (so that it can better apply your screen time and filtering rules!)

ios private address wifi.jpg

Should I have Private Wi-Fi Address turned off?

Private Wi-Fi Address disguises your device's identity on the network.

  • When it's turned off, you are making the device show its true identity on that specific network, which is great for managing your in-home devices through Bark Home.
  • This setting will still be automatically turned on for any Wi-Fi network you have joined or will join, which is great when you want to mask your device's identity on public or unsecured networks.

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