How to Delete Alerts

This article explains how to delete an alert.

Bark has no way of recovering an alert that was deleted.

Delete an Alert

  1. Log into your Bark dashboard or app.
  2. Click on Alerts.
  3. Find the alert in question. We have sorting filters available that could help.
  4. Click on delete to permanently remove that alert from your account. This action is irreversible.alert_severe_example.png

Pro Tips 

  • Use your Reviewed and Not Reviewed filters to manage alerts.
  • Check your Alert Sensitivity Settings for each kid.
  • Avoid deleting every single alert you view, in the case you want to go back to an old alert.
  • If you receive an alert that does not pertain to an actual issue, please reach out to us
  • Please do not delete any alerts that you are discussing with Bark Support.